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Choosing HDL is a decision to work with an experienced painting partner.
We are proud of our reputation for delivering quality, stability, integrity, and absolute reliability.

Residential Painting & Decorating

A well-painted home is always a pleasure to look at. The paint also gives the walls, ceilings, windows, and doors an additional layer of protection from the inside out. HDL takes care of all your interior and exterior Residential Painting and Decorating needs.

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Commercial Painting & Decorating

Professionally-painted interior and exterior walls are the biggest factors that attract potential customers to a commercial establishment. The paint, like a working gentleman’s business suit, makes the establishment look professionally good-looking. HDL can help your business achieve this.

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Resene Eco Decorator

As a strategic step and long-term commitment to sustainable business and economic growth, HDL chose to take its business to the next level and raise its bar by forging partnership with Resene in becoming its Eco.Decorator partner.

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Quality Assurance

Our reputation for quality is as important to us as it is to you. With over 35 years of robust experience, a team of qualified and skilled crew, and a comprehensive Quality Assurance programme, you can trust that your property is serviced with care and professionalism.

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  • Minnehaha Ave, Takapuna

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How We Can Help

Painters North Shore Auckland

Residential Painting & Decorating

Ensuring that your house is well-painted is one of the best investments in the value and enjoyment of your house.  HDL gives you the assurance of quality workmanship as provided by our highly-experienced crew.

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Commercial Painting & Decorating

From small interior and exteriors to large and complex projects, HDL have completed an impressive number of commercial projects in Auckland, each one building on our reputation for dependability, professionalism and high quality.
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The key to a successful paint job is preparation. The better preparation of the surface, the more professional the finished job. Hiring a professional to paint your property is always the best option. Then you no longer have to worry about all the prep work.
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It is generally accepted that properly prepared walls and rigorously hung wallpapers can last up to 3 times as long as paint, which makes it cost-effective in the long run. Wallpaper adheres easily and smoothly to walls, hiding many surface imperfections.
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Why Choose HDL

We know it can be challenging choosing the right painting contractor, we want to help. When you need confidence that the job will be top quality, on time and on budget, choose HDL the painting professionals.

Click here to find out 5 Reasons to Choose HDL – The Painting Professionals

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HDL stripped and painted some rooms in my unit. Parts of the job turned out to be quite difficult, so I was fortunate that I had Stephen, a very experienced painter/plasterer who was willing to take on these challenges and did a great job. The HDL team overall was very professional and responded quickly to any questions or requests. Thanks Sean, Elena and Lydia.

J. Wirjapranata

Sean, Elena and Lydia were very professional. I received quick responses, options to suit my budget and friendly service . Steven the painter did a lovely job on the house, very impressed with his meticulous work. They are also really friendly and no fuss to deal with. Thanks so much!

M. Simon

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