Meet Sean & Elena

Sean & Elena are both highly qualified holding University Degrees. They have been in the interior fit out and project management industry between 10 and 15 years. They have travelled around the globe on business and leisure and both bring an excellent balance of experience that can only be gained with time, diligence and dedication.

Sean has been working overseas for several large corporates and spearheading business divisions engaged in the interior fit out and project management domain since 2001 and has been taught by the finest tradesmen of that era. Sean oversees all aspects of a project from start to finish to ensure 100% compliance with best practices and trade standards.

Elena has extensive knowledge and skills in carrying out estimations and quantity surveying including specialist finishes and meticulous site inspections followed by detailed proposals, that has bestowed on Elena an extremely finely tuned eye for detail. Thus making sure that every job is started and finished to a high degree with no hurdles in the way.

We and our painters have a passion to deliver an excellent result for every job undertaken with an ambition to exceed every clients’ expectations.

Sean and Elena

Meet Mai Lee

Mai brings a wealth of experience in production and administration. The role plays a vital part in the planning, administration and smooth-running of the projects. This has been instrumental in identifying problems as they arise and working with the team to solve those problems early, giving clients confidence throughout.

Mai is the master in administering job schedules before, during and after, and strictly implements company procedures. Mai has a pivotal responsibility for daily tasks, in some cases, oversee jobs and monitor operations.

Mai takes great pride in her organizational and communication skills to ensure clients are kept informed at every step of their project to meet the company’s 100% satisfaction goal. Not to mention she is persistent and her “silver tongue” is sure to get the job DONE!

Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, Site Managers & Foremen

HDL has a team of highly experienced Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, Site Managers and Foremen who ensure all jobs run seamlessly from start to finish.